About Me



“Framing the Art your memories create.”

I quite literally fell into Photography. I fell in love with the light, the warmth and the smiles that a photo can produce. I love the memories that can be captured and saved for a lifetime. 

The love first started when my best friend had a baby. Gavin came into this world on February 25, 2009. There were some complications for my friend and Gavin. After spending 2-3 days in the NICU, Gavin was finally able to go home. On a whim I borrowed my dad’s Canon Rebel XTI and headed over to their house, essentially to just play around.

 While I was there, we took some pictures that were really no more than just quick every day snap-shots. Not all of them turned out, but there were a few that, at the time, made me look twice. I say, “At the time” because looking back at them now, I can see a dozen or more “things” that I could’ve/should’ve done differently, but they still hold such an amazing memory for both my friend and I. That was just the start of my love of photography.  

Photography still has the power to inspire me to try harder, be a better person and photographer and to love more.

This has been an incredible journey and I’m so grateful to be able to share a small piece of my happiness with you. 

Thank You,



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